Our Final Hour: A Vision of the Future

The Book

Our Final Hour

Are we nearing the LORD'S COMING and ARE WE READY? You tell me? After reading many scriptures on the subject and my passion for history, God has now given me opportunities to venture out in ways that I could not even of imagined.

What God has placed upon my heart of the revelation of His coming cannot be explained here in it's entirety. That is why I schedule appointments and have believers that are interested contact me. Upon your invitation (whether it be in a church, home, group setting, radio or TV) I will be there and explain what I have been given as the Lord has touched me in a most powerful and sovereign way.

I can say this, you will be amazed of how many of us have been taught in the body of Christ as believer's today, who lack scriptural knowledge, and have constantly through out the years been indebted to hear the man of God off the pulpit and not seek the word of God for ourselves. My only plea is that upon giving me that opportunity to hear me out, your eye's will be opened. If you are ready for fresh manna from the word of God then this is it! You decide for yourself as you seek the Lord about this in your own private devotional prayer time with Him.

Richard Berlanga

Most of what I have to share needs to have your undivided attention. You and your family and the church need to know and be prepared! That is what my greatest concern for is in the body of Christ that they be ready once they hear this message. Read about the Bible's prophecy.

The Author

Former Mafia Boss Richard Sotelo Berlanga My name is Richard Sotelo Berlanga, I was born in California in the late 1940's, and at the age of thirty I was second in command of one of California's largest crime families. The Sotelo-Berlanga crime family controlled approximately 70% of the heroin and cocaine that was being distributed in Northern California and Nevada. I am the only living family member that carries both names, Sotelo and Berlanga. I am not proud of my past nor can I do anything to change it, however there is something that I can do about the future and that's the reason for this book. OUR FINAL HOUR is in response to a vision given to me by God almost thirty years ago. It tells of a catastrophe that is about to come upon the world and how the believers can survive by knowing the signs and how to prepare for his soon coming!
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